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Driving Instructions

1: Start out going North on W AIRPORT DR towards PARKING by turning left. 0.20 miles
2: Turn RIGHT onto W MCFARLANE RD. 0.06 miles
3: W MCFARLANE RD becomes W MCFARLANE RD. 1.01 miles
4: Turn RIGHT onto S HAYFORD RD. 1.01 miles
5: Turn LEFT onto US-2. 58.19 miles
6: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto WA-21. 0.49 miles
7: Stay straight to go onto WA-174. 18.60 miles
8: Turn RIGHT onto SPOKANE WAY. 0.25 miles
9: Turn RIGHT onto FEDERAL AVE. 0.30 miles
10: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto GRAND COULEE HWY. 0.14 miles
11: GRAND COULEE HWY becomes WA-155. 52.77 miles
12: WA-155 becomes WA-155/OMAK AVE E. 0.96 miles
13: Turn LEFT onto MAIN ST S/WA-215. 0.34 miles
14: Turn RIGHT onto 4TH AVE/WA-215. 0.19 miles
15: 4TH AVE/WA-215 becomes OKOMA DR/WA-215. 0.86 miles
16: OKOMA DR/WA-215 becomes WA-215. 0.68 miles
17: WA-215 becomes WA-215/2ND AVE N. 2.10 miles
18: WA-215/2ND AVE N becomes WA-215. 0.36 miles
Total Estimated Time: 4 hours, 34 minutes
Total Distance: 138.50 miles

If these instructions are not clear, please contact one of our staff.
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P.O. Box 401 Phone: 509-422-2688
Okanogan, WA Fax: 509-826-1184
98840 E-Mail: Timber Quest LLC.

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